Sourdough bread with seeds

Chlieb so semienkovou kašou

Today, I have prepared a recipe for sourdough bread, which will be enriched with seed porridge. Being in a  quarantine, staying at home, every bread recipe is worth trying. If you still haven’t decided, give…Continue Reading

A small life update

Makáš na cestách

Hello everyone! We haven’t had a new article for some time, we know. Time flies unbelievably and this year has been quite hectic (honestly, it still is but we aren’t bored at least). News number…Continue Reading

Pesto and pasta

Pesto alla genovese

Did you know that… …the word pesto comes from the Genoese verb pestâ, meaning to pound, to crush? According to the traditional method pesto is prepared by grinding or crushing in a mortar with a…Continue Reading

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