About us

MaKáš, the name of our blog was created as a fusion of our given names – Martina and Lukáš. This symbiosis of our names will be transformed into diversity of topics, that we will cover. As a man and a woman, we may have slightly different interests and tastes, but we have one thing in common – love for delicious food and drinks 🙂
We will take you on a journey of cooking and baking following recipes from home and abroad, from Tokyo to Los Angeles.
As life sciences graduates – a molecular biologist and a biotechnologist, we are fascinated by a process accompanying food preparation for ages : fermentation.
We can say, that without fermentation everything would be different than as we know it today: bread would lose its bubbly structure and lightness, cheese its holes, or aroma and what about alcoholic beverages? They would never exist!
Fermented foods often gain their typical taste or aroma by this magical process. Fermentation makes food naturally preserved and in many cases it helps to enhance digestion of food, which becomes nutritionally more valuable than in its raw form.
MaKáš will be focused mostly on our two greatest passions : on baking and brewing.

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