Korean BBQ Yuniku, Prague

Score Location: 4/5 – you cannot park a car, but hey! Metro is cooler Interior: 5/5 Food Quality: 5/5 Personnel: 5/5 Meal Vouchers: no Cards accepted: yes Overall Rating: 19/20 Yuniku is nice refreshment among…Continue Reading

Pesto and pasta

Pesto alla genovese

Did you know that… …the word pesto comes from the Genoese verb pestâ, meaning to pound, to crush? According to the traditional method pesto is prepared by grinding or crushing in a mortar with a…Continue Reading

The magic of sourdough

Kváskový chlieb/Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread has been prepared since the ancient times. For long time, numerous bakery products have been made all around Europe with various mixtures of wheat, rye, barley or spelt flour. This technique of baking…Continue Reading

Mussels in Wine

The idea of ​​preparing this amazingly simple meal has snapped in my head during the difficult period when I was suffering from mononucleosis and I had to stick to a low-fat diet. Strolling sad among…Continue Reading

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